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Award winning Back to Wellness program - This is designed to support clients affected by mental health conditions, with the aim of helping them to get back to being themselves and embracing wellness as soon as possible. The program includes a Tele Claims process and rehabilitation assistance, replacing the need for completion of traditional claims forms and resulting in a tailored Back to Wellness program for each individual claimant. Winner of the AFA Risk Product Innovation Award in 2016.

Tele Claims - Your clients can now reduce their time filling out claims forms with a fast tele-interview, where applicable. This will assist clients in answering the form questions and can provide a quicker turnaround time in assessing the claim and payment of the benefit.

Claims Support

Support. It’s such a simple word that means so much. We all need it at one time or another. And when you’re clients are dealing with bad news, CommInsure has the support they need.

We know that your clients take out insurance to protect themselves and their family should the worst actually happen, and at CommInsure, we understand the importance of delivering on that promise at claim time. Our skilled claims team are passionate about what they do and always strive to deliver a seamless, efficient and compassionate approach.



Visit our customer site for more information on claims with CommInsure, including:

• how to make a claim
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