Holding insurance inside super can provide a viable solution for cash-strapped clients by allowing them to fund premiums via their existing super account balance, or by making pre-tax contributions into super. 

Total Care Plan Super (TCPS) has Flexi-linking, Split TPD and Split IP functionality allowing you to offer your clients cover inside or outside super, or a combination of both. And Super Payment Method can give clients an instant 15 per cent discount as well as ongoing savings, making for  cheaper premiums.

Plus, if your clients’ needs change, CommInsure Protection’s continuation option offers you the ability to easily move cover outside the super environment, without having to provide any further health evidence.

We also have The SMSF Plan, a customised, easy to use product designed to offer SIS-aligned cover to SMSF trustees.


Underinsurance in Super



Continuation options for Total Care Plan Super

Insurance in super now does not mean in super for life. 

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Claims payments inside super death cover

When insurance is held inside super, the tax treatment at claim time can vary.

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Split IP cover allows customers to enjoy the benefits of holding cover both inside and outside the superannuation environment, providing optimal access to benefit payments. The majority of the premium is paid from super, with the balance paid from cash sources.

The cover held inside super is governed by SIS regulations, which does not allow benefits such as the unemployment benefit for CBA loans, medical professionals benefit and rehabilitation benefit to be paid. Using Split IP allows customers to access these types of benefits via the cover held outside super. 

CommInsure offers Split IP with all levels of cover: Income Care Plus, Income Care, and Essential Cover (Accident Only). 


Any rollovers

All your questions about rollovers from complying funds answered here.

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SPM15 aligned funds list

Download a full list of aligned funds.

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Paying with partial rollovers

All your questions about partial rollovers answered here. 

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