Life Application Underwriting

Introducing Alternative Terms and the refreshed MyClient

What's changing

From Monday 26 November Alternative Terms will be launched through MyApply meaning you will be able offer more of your clients on-the-spot cover.

The application process will largely remain the same, however when you click Submit you'll receive one of 3 outcomes - Approved, Alternative Terms or Referred. If the client accepts the Alternative Terms shown on screen their cover will go into effect immediately and a policy detailing the alternative policy terms will be generated. 

There is still the option to refer to Underwriting as usual if further assessment is preferred, however a decision on the application will be delayed until the underwriting assessment is completed.

Within the newly named MyClient you'll enjoy new upload and download functionality, and new fields including 'waiting period' and 'benefit period'. 


Benefits for you

MyApply's market-leading technology now means you will be able to offer more of your clients on-the-spot cover. Not only will you be able to give your clients peace of mind sooner, you'll also spend less time following up applications so you can focus on building stronger relationships with your clients.

The changes to MyClient, including the new upload and download functionality, are all designed to improve efficiency and ease. 

Together with the launch of MyQuote and MyApply earlier this year, the launch of Income Care Platinum, and ongoing improvements to medical definitions, these changes are all focused on building a better, simpler life insurance offer for you and your clients.


What do you need to do

The introduction of Alternative Terms and the refresh of MyClient are designed to be very user-friendly so we suggest you work through the application process, or access client information in the same way you normally would.

If you have any questions or simply want a bit more information before setting out, log in to the adviser site and check out the short e-learning modules that step you through the changes, or call your State Office or BDM.

TIP: To ensure you benefit from this new enhancement, make sure you clear your cache before you next log in to the CommInsure Adviser Site. Click on your preferred browser below to find instructions to clear your cache and history:

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