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At CommInsure, we are continuing to update our insurance products.

As part of our product update, effective 23 September 2018, we have improved the protection we offer by updating 17 medical definitions and making many of our policy features more generous. 

Product updates effective 23 September 2018

Trauma Cover and Life Care  

  • 17 Updated medical definitions:
    • 9 Improved
    • 6 clarified
    • 1 removed
    • 1 benefit change
  • Clarified when we pay the Financial Planning benefit and how it works
  • Renaming of the Trauma Buy Back benefit to the Trauma Reinstatement benefit.
  • Renaming of the Trauma Buy Back Plus option to the Trauma Reinstatement Booster option
  • Removal of the pension payment option for terminal illness

Total & Permanent Disability 

• Where a Domestic Duties test applies to TPD Cover we’ve removed the requirement for the life insured to “be confined to the home”

• Updated definition for Loss of Independent Existence and Activities of Daily Living

• Relocated definition for "partial and permanent disability"

• Clarified when we pay Financial Planning benefit and how it works


Find out more about our LifeTPDTrauma and Income Protection products.

Income Protection 

• Clarified the assessment period for the capability clause (this applies to Income Care Platinum only)

• Improved the ‘reduced waiting period’ benefit so that it is now more flexible

• Improved the Domestic Help benefit  (this applies to Income Care Plus and Income Care Platinum only)

• Removed the survival period for the Permanent Disablement Cover option (PDCO) which is also known as ‘TPD in IP’ and increased the assessment period for work ending condition to 36 months

• Clarified Business Overheads Cover (BOC) intent and offsets


• Changes to suicide exclusion and misconduct exclusion

• PDS updates based on consumer testing feedback to make it easier to read

• Clarified the complaints process for SMSFs

• Added expiry dates to policy schedules and anniversary letters 

• Updated the definition of expiry dates

• Updated the paper application form to align with MyApply, our online application tool


Key Documents


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Dates for the diary

Dates for the diary When
New PDS available to download and order online:
    18 September 2018
New PDS effective date (we will not accept new applications on the new PDS before this date):
    23 September 2018
Online MyQuote and MyApply eApps
  • Online MyQuote and MyApply eApps started but not submitted will not be expired.

  • MyApply eApps submitted before 23 September 2018 will continue to completion on 17 September 2017 PDS.

  • My Apply eApps submitted on or after 23 September 2018 will be issued under the 23 September 2018 PDS.
Paper applications
  • Paper application signed and dated prior to 23 September 2018 will be accepted up to 19 October 2018 to allow time for posting.

Once you submit a tele-interview request we will contact the customer and arrange a time for an interview. The PDS that applies depends on the date the tele-interview call is completed with the customer rather than the date the tele-interview is requested.
  • Tele-interviews completed prior to 23 September 2018: the application will be completed on the 17 September 2017 PDS and policy.

  • Tele-interviews completed on or after 23 September 2018: Please note that this application will be completed on the newly launched 23 September 2018 PDS and policy.

    Action: Please ensure the customer has a copy of the new PDS and policy.

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Changes to MyQuote and MyApply.

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