TCPS Rollover Discount


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Want adaptable insurance with smaller premiums to suit your client’s needs? We are now making insurance inside super even more affordable for your clients with a 10% discount on all new Total Care Plan Super (TCPS) policies with Life and/or TPD cover on a stepped premium and funded using Super Payment Method (SPM). 

Over the life of a policy substantial premium savings are achieved with the TCPS rollover discount and rollover rebate. If optional discounts are applied, there are also sizeable first year premium savings that can be offered to your clients. 

All these premium reductions mean SPM gives more people access to life insurance by:

  • Reducing the out-of-pocket expense
  • A much cheaper premium
  • Ensuring more retirement income is preserved.



How to reduce premiums

10% TCPS rollover discount

10% TCPS rollover discount

For all new Life and TPD cover on stepped premiums, when paying with SPM. Existing TCPS customers may access discount but with full underwriting. 

15% Rollover rebate applied from year 1

15% Rollover rebate

Applied from year 1 when paying with SPM. 

^5/4/3/2/1 discount is available from two commission structures Initial (plan code 1 Special Initial) Hybrid (plan code 1 Special Hybrid).