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CommInsure claims testimonial: Nikki's story

This testimonial features Nikki, a CommInsure claimant, who after suffering from mental health was helped by her Rehabilitation Consultant, Roxy, to get back to wellness. With the help of Nikki's claims payment, she was able to pay her mortgage and everyday expenses, and change profession.

We have included two videos, one which has Nikki's story and the other which also includes Roxy, Nikki's Rehabilitation Consultant.

Your clients Tele-interview call with CommInsure

In May 2017, CommInsure Protection enhanced our Underwriting offer and introduced Tele-interview. To help customers prepare for a Tele-interview we created an animated video explaining the process and highlighting the importance reading the General Declaration, Duty of Disclosure and Privacy prior to call.

This video can save your customer up to 10 minutes fully explaining the Duty of Disclosure before the Tele-interview can take place.

Visit our Tele-interview page and learn more about our offer.

Facts of Life

This cleverly animated three minute film features insurance related statistics from birth to death and all the times of life in between. The video is a powerful thought provoker, and another great way to show your clients the importance of life insurance.



Life Stories

This video features the real life stories of six CommInsure claimants, including Michael Forbes. It is a powerful tool that shows how insurance helps our customers at a time when it is needed most.