CommInsure Lifestream Guaranteed Income annuities are a low risk investment option for people who want a guaranteed income throughout their retirement. Clients invest a minimum lump sum of $10,000, either from their super or personal savings.

In return they receive regular, guaranteed payments based on:

  • amount invested
  • agreed interest rate
  • investment term, and
  • frequency of payments.

CommInsure Lifestream Guaranteed Income annuities are suitable for individuals or couples, companies, funds and trusts who want a regular retirement income.

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Helping clients navigate the 2017 asset test changes 


Choosing the right annuity provider

To help your clients choose a quality annuity provider that can meet all their needs, deliver a competitive rate of return and make good on their promises, it’s critical to weigh up 5 factors:

1.       A well-diversified, professionally-managed investment portfolio

2.       A strong balance sheet

3.       Capital adequacy

4.       The structure and guarantee behind the annuity

5.       Innovative solutions

For more detail about each of the factors you should consider when choosing your clients' annuity provider, take a look at our flyer.


Our offer

CommInsure Lifestream Guaranteed Income has three different investment options. 

  • Short Term income: 1 to 5 years
  • Long Term income: 6 to 30 years
  • Lifetime income: Lifetime

Features and benefits

CommInsure Lifestream Guaranteed Income annuities offer

  • Security – your clients’ capital and income are guaranteed, regardless of share market movements or changes to interest rates.
  • Flexibility – clients choose their preferred investment term and how often they want to receive payments.
  • Tax benefits – clients who invest with their super may be eligible for a 15% tax offset or even tax free payments.
  • Protection – clients can fix their interest rate or index in line with inflation.
  • Accessibility – at the end of the investment term your clients can access some, or all of their initial capital investment.



Technical strategies

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Investing for the long haul

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Security in times of volatility

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