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A CommInsure Lifetime Income annuity can help minimise uncertainty and boost financial security by delivering a stable guaranteed income stream for life. 

CommInsure’s annuity payments aren't affected by share market volatility or interest rate fluctuations which is critically important in the prevailing lower growth, lower return environment. 


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Who should invest?

Stable income

Retirees and other income-focused investors who need a stable and reliable income for life or for the life of their partner.

protect from market volatility

Retirees who are concerned with current market conditions and don’t want their capital or income to be affected by share market volatility.

financial provisions for the long-term

Retirees who are concerned they may outlive their retirement savings and want to make financial provisions for the long-term. 

inheritance for grandchildren

Retirees who want to leave an inheritance to their partner, children and grandchildren as part of their estate planning.

If an investor dies after starting their annuity but before the end of their chosen Guaranteed Period, a guaranteed lump sum payment will be paid to their beneficiary or estate. 

The Death Benefit Guarantee (DBG) provides retirees with the added comfort of knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of should they pass away unexpectedly. 

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The formula for calculating the DBG

DGB formula
DGB table
DGB graph


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