An Investment Growth Bond has many of the features of other investments such as managed funds with the security and tax benefits of a life insurance policy. Your clients can select from nine investment options that invest in assets such as shares, property, fixed interest and cash.

Bonds can be a suitable investment for a broad range of people and across different stages in life. From young children to grandparents, high income earners to pensioners, the Bond suits a variety of investor’s needs. 

CommInsure Investment Growth Bond overview


Key benefits

Tax effective

  • If the bond is held for 10 years*, you can potentially withdraw all or part of the proceeds tax free.
  • If withdrawals are made within the 10 year period a 30% tax offset may apply to the assessable profit portion of the withdrawal.



  • The Death Benefit Guarantee
  • Capital guarantees on certain investment options.




  • Full access to capital
  • Flexible estate planning features
  • A range of investment options
  • The flexibility to switch investments at any time with no switching fee.


Alternative to super

  • Unlike super, there are no contribution caps, allowing you to increase your investment in the Bond by making additional contributions**.


*refer to the PDS for more information.

**subject to the 125% rule.


How to invest

To apply for an Investment Growth Bond, your clients will need:


Investment returns

Returns will vary depending on a number of factors, including the investment options in which your client invests and the length of the time they're invested in the Bond.

Fund profiles


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Technical strategies

Alternative to super

This strategy focuses on the different situations where insurance bonds may be more beneficial than contributing to super.

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Strategies for older clients

This paper focuses on how insurance bonds can assist with age pensioners and the Centrelink income test, tax benefits and providing for grandchildren.

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Saving for children

This paper focuses outlines how insurance bonds can help families provide a financial start in life for children and grandchildren.

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Tax solutions for high income earners

Insurance Bonds can provide high net worth clients with a means to increase their wealth and reduce their tax.

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