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If your client runs their own business, having to take time off because they’re sick or injured can be disastrous. Business Overheads Cover keeps things ticking over by helping to pay the business’s regular fixed operating expenses while they’re unable to work. 

Business Overheads Cover can pay up to 100% of fixed operating expenses. It can be a rider to Income Protection or a stand-alone product. 


Features and benefits

  • Maximum cover is $40,000
  • Indemnity contract that will cover the regular fixed operating expenses of life insured’s business if self-employed and totally disabled
  • Stepped premium type:
    • Minimum entry age 17
    • Maximum entry age 60
  • Level premium type:
    • Minimum entry age 17
    • Maximum entry age 54
  • Choice of 14 days or 1, 2, 3, or 6 months waiting period
  • Choice of cover which expires before the life insured’s: 
    • 60th birthday or
    • 65th birthday
  • Maximum payable - up to twelve times the monthly benefit.


  • Business Overheads monthly benefit: pays up to 100% of a business’s regular fixed operating expenses monthly - up to a maximum of $40,000 - up to 12 times the monthly benefit
  • Reward cover: provides up to $100,000 of Accidental Death Cover at no extra cost after you’ve held the policy for three years. If you also have a Total Care Plan policy when you die due to an accident, we’ll double the Reward Cover benefit
  • Waiving premiums: you don’t have to pay any Business Overheads Cover premiums while a Business Overheads Cover benefit is being paid or whilst we've waiving premiums on income protection
  • Automatic indexation: each year we automatically increase the cover to help ensure it keeps pace with inflation. 



Download the PDS for full list of benefits >

We pay a benefit if the life insured is still totally disabled by the same sickness or injury after the waiting period has ended. We pay this benefit in addition to any other benefit we’re liable to pay under this policy.