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CommInsure’s Child Cover pays out a lump sum of up to $250,000 if your client’s child were to suffer a specified Child Cover Trauma condition or dies. Importantly, your client can decide how to spend the lump sum payment.  More than one child can be covered on the policy, so long as they are insured for the same amount. The tax free lump sum payment can be used to meet additional expenses when your client needs it most. 



At a glance

  • Maximum cover of $250,000
  • CommInsure offers child cover as an option to Total Care Plan clients who have children:
    • minimum entry age 2
    • maximum entry age 16
  • There is no limit to the number of children that can be insured on the policy. Each child must be the same sum insured.

Key benefits

  • CommInsure Child Cover provides cover for 37 Trauma conditions, including partial benefits for four conditions
  • Child Cover Loyalty benefit: after 5 years of cover, we automatically increase the Child Cover benefit by 5% at no extra cost
  • Child Continuation option: allows your client to convert Child Cover to Life Care and Trauma Cover under a new Total Care Plan policy, without needing to provide medical evidence.




Download the PDS for full list of benefits >


When is a benefit paid?

  • A lump sum is paid to the policy owner in the event that his or her child suffers one of the 37 covered trauma conditions, or dies
  • In the event the child suffers one of the four conditions listed as a partial benefit, we will pay the greater of:
    • 10% of the Child Cover
    • $10,000.